A Psychological Study in Light of Memory Studies (Berdhisha)

A Psychological Study in Light of Memory Studies

Memory studies is an academic field of studying the use of memory as a tool for remembering the past. Memory has a great role in everyone’s life because we cannot live without memories. Psychology is the combination of two Greek words ‘psyche’ (soul) and ‘Logos’ (word or talk). So, it means ‘talk about the soul’. But, in modern times, the same word is taken to mean ‘science of the mind’. Memory studies and psychology have a strong connection with each other.

A Time to Kill is a legal thriller fiction by John Grisham. This portrays the life of a black girl Tonya Hailey and her father Carl Lee Hailey. Tonya Hailey, a nine-year-old black girl was brutally raped by two rednecks. Carl Lee shot the two assailants in the court and this became the most sensational case and this case was handled by Jake Brigance, a white lawyer. The sequel of this novel is Sycamore Row, this deals with the case of Seth Hubbard, a rich white old man’s handwritten will. Mr. Hubbard was familiar with the name Jake Brigance from the case of Hailey family. Seth, in his entire life period did not meet Jake even for once. He blindly believes Jake for his goodness and sends the handwritten will to him before he ends his life. While handling Hubbard’s case in many places he remembers his past case which took place three years ago. This represents in the lines, “Because I represented Carl Lee Hailey, a black man who shot and killed the two white men who raped and tried to kill his daughter,” (SR 174).

Jake not only remembers the case or various incidents he faced. During Hailey’s case also, he remembers his law school memories. When he walks into his Ole Miss Law School campus, his mind is filled with past memories, “A walk through campus always triggered a wave of nostalgia.” (SR 379). Jake might have come across various events in his past life. Sometimes, he thinks of forgetting some events but most of the time he cannot as he is already swimming in the past memories. In many times his past memories regarding the Hailey case give him a strong mind and courage to face the new case of Seth Hubbard’s. In overall review, sometimes the past memories determine a person’s character. Also, the fact is good or bad, but all past memories will be stored in mind and they won’t erased completely. “Some memories never leave you, some moments never fade away, sometimes the trauma is persistent even if all your scars have healed”-Anand Thakur.