A Burning Memory: Climate and Change (Padmini)

The world is growing to be more knowledgeable on climate change, as the changes that have been brought upon are irreversible. The realisation sets forth a quest for a future that seems to be shrinking. Nothing related to climate change is pleasant, eventually raising fear and anxiety in the livelihood. The world is trying its best to mitigate the worst effects by finding ways to tone down the consequences. Bittersweet would be the right feeling that could sum up the connection of memory with climate change. People felt their ‘self’ when they were close to nature and it inspired them to live life to the fullest. The call backs like the summers were hotter and the winters were colder just about reveals how close people spent their time of their life in nature. This explains the normalcy and the comfort they experienced. Climate change altered their normalcy, thereby provoking anxiety and a sense of helplessness. Right now, people have realised what they as a species have done to the planet and are going all out to make the worst effects of climate change less severe for the successors. But one cannot shake the idea of the awaiting poetic justice of what had been done and that the future is shrinking, leaving us to dwell in and reminisce about the past.